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Vedic Mantras for Blissful Romantic Life

Life is lovely only when it is coupled with Romance. Romance is the off spring of Love. There is in life no blessing like Romance, it soothes, hallows, elevates, subdues and brings down to earth its native heaven. Of all the earthly music that which reaches farthest into heaven is the beating of a truly loving heart. There is no earthly happiness exceeding that of reciprocal satisfaction in the conjugal state, says H.Giles, Mutual love, passion and attraction towards men and maidens are not aberrations. On the other hand, this brings together the like minded opposite sex, crazily waiting to avail the happy heavenly sanction of union loving and actions which manifest love, is a creative force that emanated from the creator of the world. However, people without knowing this art, fail to maintain compatibility with the spouse of their heart and end in divorce or dejection.

This Compact Disc is intended for those who like to attract the person of their heart, be it a male or female and to accomplish their deep passionate desires through the stimulating vibrations of sound focused in ancient texts for the happy union of hearts. These vibrations when absorbed with concentration and meditation stimulate in various ways the senses of human body, and result in mutual attraction of two different souls.

This Compact Disc of romance comprise of Kamadeva Gayatri and Vedic Mantra for Concord, Kandarpa Mahima, Manmotho Prabhava (Kolidasa), Prema Sandesa (Kalidosa), Kamakala Vilosa (Bhortrhani), Srngarollasam (Kalidasa), Kamini Cintanam (Bilahana), Kama Lahari (Amaru), Surototsavam (Kalidosa), Rati Manmotho Namavali and Kama Sammohana Mantras.

These are recited in the judicious tones with proper diction by Dr.R.Thiagarojan, H.O.D of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai along with his team, Tmt.A.K.Chandra, Tmt.Usha Vishwanath, Thiru.Bhaktavatsalam and Thiru.Karpooram, under the guidance of the famous music director, Thiru.V.R.Manikkavinayagam. wishes all the listeners to enjoy the music of love to lead a "ROMANTIC LIFE"!

Track Listing:

  • Kamadava Gayatri and Vedic Mantra for Concern
  • Kandarpa Mahima
  • Mammatha Prabhava (Kalidasa)
  • Prema Sandasa (Kalidasa)
  • Kamakala Vilasa (Bhartrhani)
  • Sringarollasam (Kalidasa)
  • Kamini Cintanam (Bilahana)
  • Kama Lahari (Amaru)
  • Suratotsavam (Kalidasa)
  • Rati Manmatha Namavali
  • Kama Sammohana Mantras
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