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Shiv Nam Omkar

According to Hinduism Shiva is the only true and sole manifestation of the cosmic symbol – OM and is thus a form of the Omnipresent Para Brahman (Eternal Soul). The mighty Lord Shiva who is known to the world in many forms as Nataraj, Ashutosh, Neelkanth amongst others is the supreme deity of an assortment of living beings like Gods, sages, priests, sorcerers and also of human beings. This album exemplifies the all-pervading nature of the great Lord Pashupatinath in the form of exhortation of His five-syllable mantra – Om Namah Shivay. This Mantra simply means that we pray that the Lord Shiva illuminates and enlightens our soul, our very essence. For those who know the art of reciting the mantra of his preferred deity in the precise way can provide immense peace and happiness in our daily lives leading to greater serenity and salvation.

This art of mantra recitation would lead the person in deeper meditation and unending sea of calmness thus immersing oneself in the answers of the unknown leading to a merger with the Almighty. The term ‘Shiva' denotes one who provides salvation and bestows contentment in the most sublime and selfless manner. These supreme qualities of Shiva has inspired this superb album that combines the best Indian classical music forms of tune, sound and percussions that results in the stunning Kirtans of Shiva in the most amazing presentation.

It is said that Kirtans or recitations of mantras is one of the simplest means of achieving enlightenment. To quest the thirst of our souls and to pacify our restless self it is deemed all the more important to seek refuge in the light of Shiva and this album succeeds in providing our impoverished minds the much needed peace and tranquility. The meditation and recitation of this mantra – Om Namah Shivay has to be done with complete dedication and devotion thus leading to a serene state of ultimate Shiva knowingness.

Track Listing:

  • Eternal Chanting
  • Dynamic Chanting
  • Vocals & Harmonies - Anandmurti Gurumaa
  • Voice Over - Hari Milan
  • Music - Kanchman Babbar
  • Backing Vocals - Nishant Kukreja
  • Rhythm - Rakesh, Prashant, Babbi & Yogesh
  • Keyboards & Guitars - Sameer Prasaad
  • Flute & Strings - Kanchman Babbar

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