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Rudram Kramam

The vibrations of sound formulas of the Vedas work through the chakras to increase the flow of beneficial energy throughout the subtle body where these latencies and tendencies ore stored. Mantra therapy starts by increasing the total amount of energy available for all of our activities. Certain Mantras used singly or in combination can greatly accelerate the quality and quantity of energy used in the healing process. It guards the World against all ills. Our ancestors devised remarkable methods of chanting to protect the original form, their tonal and verbal purity against change and distortion.

They laid down rules to moke sure that not a syllable was changed in chanting, not a svara was altered and ensured that the full benifits were derived from intoning (he mantras. According to this the words of a mantra are braided together in different patterns like 'vakyo", "poda", "krama", "iota", "mala", "sikha", "rekha", "ghana". The intonation of a few words of a mantra in different ways, back and forth is most delightful to the ear. In krama patha the first word of a mantra is joined to the second, the second to the third, the third to the fourth, ans so on, until we come to the final word "kramo tu ca caturgunom. "This krama chanting bestows Four times the effect of normal chanting of the Mantra.

Hence, this Compact Disc presents "Rudram" a popular and effective vedic portion extolling the greatness of Siva, chanted to word off evils, sins etc and to gain security and strength. This Rudram is chanted in the kroma format, by the traditional Pandit, Thanjavur Brohmasri S.Radhakrishna Sastrigol.

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