Krishna Audio Titles

Krishna Utsav

'This is one of the most beautiful compilations of devotional bhajans (hymns) in praise of Shri Krishna composed by Ravindra Pathania. The legendary Pundit Hariprasad Chaurasia has scored the enthralling music with his trademark magical flute creating delightful tunes harmonizing with the moving lyrics of the album. The bhajans touch the heart of the devotees of Shri Krishna in a mesmerizing way by captivating the soul of the listeners, illuminating one's conscience at the same time eliminating all fears, worries, angst and replacing them by waves of boundless happiness and serenity. Only by pacing the tranquil image of Shri Krishna in one's heart and listening to these songs with complete devotion can one feel the omnipresence of Krishna in one's own self, all around and in each and everything one sees or feels.

Listen to these bhajans and identify with the ecstasy of millions of His devotees at the time of His birthday celebrations being planned on Shri Krishna Janamashtami - 31st August 2002.


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