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Tulsi Ke Ram Meera Ke Shyam

Rajendra Mehta is a fabulously melodious singer who weaves unusual musical influences together creating a rich texture of sounds. His voice, with its capacity to engage each mind, reaches out and caresses every listener's soul with its divine soothing touch. His latest album, "Tulsi Ke Ram Meera Ke Shyam" has eight beautiful bhajans that immediately captivate the listener with profound lyrics and sublime classical music. The magical combination of Ram & Krishna, both avatars of Shri Vishnu, in one composition transports the listener to heightened bliss of glory and devotion removing him from the claws of everyday chaos. A must buy album to the collection of your bhajans for the true devotee of Shri Ram & Shri Krishna.

Track listing:

  • Raam Naam Ras Peeje
  • Jaun Kahan
  • Girdhar Ke
  • Ram Raghav
  • Pyare Darsan
  • Main Ne Jeeyun
  • Shri Ramchandra Kripalu

Lead Singer:

  • Rajendra Mehta

Divya Path

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