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Ram Krishna Kahiye Uth Bhor

There are two distinct (and significant) elements in which a human being places his life the first being physical and the other being the spiritual aspect.

The ideal personification of Shri Ram that is symbolized by His discipline and acquiescent character among many of His great qualities that beautify the physical aspect of our life and while Shri Krishna's impartial and pure love soothes the ruffled feathers of our insecure mind. The day-to-day working of our physical form should comprise of set parameters, a sense of discipline and integrity, while the state of our mind and soul should be full of love that gives rise to virtuous thoughts and affection for everyone. The harmonious symphony of these two elements will lead to an accomplished and successful life that can be cherished forever.

In today's era the basic norms of life are disintegrating thus leading to a complete collapse of secularism and elimination of love, respect and affection that finally corrupts the existence of our very core. Yet as long as there is an earnest craving for a prosperous and honorable life, there will be an eternal wish seeking the pure and unbiased love of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna in enlightening our everyday lives.

This beautiful devotional album presented by Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji contains all these invaluable teachings of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna that will assist us in our everyday lives and will ensure us a peaceful and soothing way of life. A must buy album for Shri Ram and Shri Krishna devotees!

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