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Ram Shyam Gun Gaaiye

'Ram Shyam Gun Gaaiye' expresses and explores the immense musical value of true Indian Culture. This album is in praise of Lord Ram & Krishna, the conquerors of the hearts, minds and faith of millions of devotees all over the world. It is the fruit of the concerted efforts of renowned poet and lyricist Kvi Narayan Agrawal 'Narayan' and Bhajansamrat, Anup Jalota.

The tracks in this album are:

  • Maiya Meri Main Nahe
  • Naina Ki Tum Jyoti
  • Bhakti se Shakti
  • Jin Ur Ne Shyam
  • Kaushalya Mann Hi
  • Shree Hari Ke Gun Ko
  • Bhakti Jal Mein
  • Prabhuji Charan Tere
Music Composed & Sung by: Anup Jalota

CD: $5.95
Cassette: $2.35

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