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Om Jai Bajrang

This album features bhajans in praise of Shri Bajrang in the melodious voice of Suresh Wadkar. 'Bajrang', 'Pawan Putra' and many others are the numerous names assigned to the truest devotee of Shri Ram – Shri Hanuman. Hanuman has been the most paramount symbol of true devoutness since time immemorial and His worship is considered to be indispensable in our never-ending quest for seeking absolute solace from the Supreme Power.

It is said that even today Shri Hanuman makes His presence felt in some manifestation or the other whenever there is a narration of the sacred epic ‘Ramayana' wherein Shri Ram's legendary stories are recited with piety and devotion. This album has a marvelous mix of authentic mantras, chants and ‘bhajans' in praise of Shri Bajrang that includes Jai Bajrangi, Aiye Salasar Ke, Jai Ho Bajrang and finally culminating with the resounding Om Jai Bajrang Aarti. Truly an authentic devotional album fully immersed in devotion and worship of Shri Bajrang.

CD: $5.95
Cassette: $2.50

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