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Having cleansed the mirror of my mind with the dust of
the lotus feet of Shri Gurudev, I now proceed to describe
the untarnished glory of Sri Ram which bestows four fruit
Realizing the inadequacy of my intellect, I meditate upon you
Hanumanji (son of the wind-god); grant me strength, intelligence
and true knowledge, and remove all my hardship and blemishes
Victory to You O ! Hanumanji, ocean of wisdom and virtue.
Victory to You O ! Hanumanji , enlightener of the three 
You are the messenger of Shri Rama, abode of  immeasurable 
strength, and son of Anjani, known as Pavansuta 
You are a great hero of exceptional valour with a body as 
strong as a thunderbolt. You are the dispeller of wicked
thoughts and a companion of good thoughts and wisdom
You are golden colour and wear fine clothes. You wear 
shining earrings and have beautiful curly hair.
You have the thunderbolt and flag in hand, whilst the sacred 
thread across your shoulder is made of sacred grass
You are the incarnation of Lord Shiva and son of Kesari, and
you are adored by the whole world on account of your 
You are learned, virtuous and extremely intelligent and you
are always eager to do the work of Shri Rama 
You delight in listening to the glories of the Lord and you
have Ram, Lakshaman, and Sita residing in your mind
You assumed a subtle form when you revealed yourself to
Sita ; and by assuming an awesome form you burnt the 
          whole city of Lanka.
Then you assumed a gigantic form and destroyed the 
demons, thereby accomplishing the mission of Lord Rama.
When you brought the life-giving medicinal herb (sanjivini)
and revived Lakshman, Shri Ram  embraced you joyfully
Sri Rama extolled you greatly and declared you to be as
dear to Him as His brother Bharat
Taking you into His embrace, Shri Rama stated that even 
Sesnag (the thousand headed serpent) sings praises of 
Your glory. 
The sages Sanak, Sanatan, Sanandan, and Sanat Kumar
Brahma and other Gods, Lord Shiva, Narada, Sarasvathi
and Sesnag…….
The God of death(Yamraj), the God of wealth(Kuber), the
guardian deities (Digpal), poets and scholars have all failed
to adequately describe your glory
You rendered an invaluable service to Sugriva by 
introducing him to Shri Rama and restoring him to the
The whole world knows that Vibhishana heeded your 
advice and became the lord of Lanka
You swallowed the sun from a distance of sixteen 
thousand miles, considering it to be a sweet fruit
Carrying the Lord’s ring in your mouth, you crossed the 
ocean, there is no wonder in that
All the difficult tasks of the world are rendered easily 
possible by your grace
You are the gate-keeper of Shri Rama’s kingdom, where 
none may enter without your permission
He who seeks refuge in you enjoys happiness. What is there
to be afraid of if you are the protector ?
You alone are able to control your energy ; all three worlds
tremble before it.
No evil spirits dare approach one who utters your name as
Mahavir( great warrior).
All diseases are destroyed and pains vanish when your 
powerful name is repeated incessantly
Hanumanji frees from difficulties all those who contemplate
upon him in thought, word and deed
You fulfilled all the missions of that Lord Rama who fulfills
the divine desires of the devotees engaged in penance
And together with any other desires any devotee may have,
they will ultimately secure the imperishable fruit.
Your glory prevails throughout the four ages (Satyug, 
Tetrayug, Dvaparyug and Kaliyug ); and your fame radiates 
throughout the world
You are the protector of the holy saints and sages, and, 
beloved of Rama, you destroy the demons( all evil forces).
Mother Sita granted you the boon that you will be the 
bestower of the eight supernatural powers and the nine 
forms of wealth
The essence of devotion to Shri Rama is with you; may you
always be the servant of the Lord.
Through devotion to you one obtains Shri Rama and the 
sorrows of life after life are culminated.
At the end of a lifespan of such devotion one goes to the 
abode of Shri Rama and is there known as a devotee of the 
Lord .
All happiness is granted even to that devotee who worships
no other deity apart from Hanumanji.
All difficulties and pains are removed for those who 
contemplate on the all powerful Hanumanji
 Victory, victory, victory to you O Hanumanji ; as our 
supreme Guru , give us your grace .
He who recites this chaalisa a hundred times is sure to be
freed from worldly bondage and enjoy great happiness
He who reads Hanuman chaalisa will become perfect, as 
Lord Shiva is the witness.
Tulasidas always the servant of the Lord prays that the Lord
takes residence in his heart.
May Hanumanji, who removes difficulties, who has an 
auspicious form and is king of the Gods, dwell in my heart
along with Shri Ram, Lakshman and Sita.

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