Ganesh Audio Titles

Siddhi Buddhi dayak Shri Vinayak

He is the Lord of all he surveys.

His ears separate the chaff of falsehood from the grain of truth.

Our beloved deity Lord Ganesh is the lord of two mutually dependent Shaktis: Buddhi (Wisdom) and Siddhi (Success). The Lord as Ekdanta, is the single- tusked One, the patron of Literature who, when all others failed, Himself undertook to scribe the great epic, Mahabharata, dictated to him by sage Vyasa. And as Siddhidata, Lord Ganesh is the giver of success and general abundance in life, as a reward for endeavor guided by wisdom. Lord Ganesh owed his understanding of the Vedas to the boon of Buddhi and Siddhi when he chose to make seven circumambulations round his parents rather than going around the world like his brother 'Kartikeya'. This shows that every challenge in life can be overcome with proper thought, learning and divine inspiration. Lord Ganesha studiously edits all the scriptures on this planet.

His is the potent pen that writes and edits life and brings forth the deeper meanings. He is the creative inspiration for a lot of Hindu philosophies and has been praised by the greatest of poets from Lord Narad to Shri Adi Shakaracharya like Ganesh Keelak and Pancharatna Stotra. The album presents that facet of Lord Vinayak which blesses us with Buddhi (Wisdom) and through this blessing also showers Siddhi (Success) on his disciples. Kedar Pandit, the master arranger of devotional music, has composed the music for this album and the concept being more female-oriented, Sawani Shende, a young and upcoming artist, is the voice of this album. The album is a must for the students and their parents as well as the businessman who seeks success through his knowledge. All the stotras included in this album like Shree Santaan Ganpati stotram, Siddhi buddhi Vinayak arghya mantra, chants of Siddhi budhhi mantra, etc are all prayers to him to direct us on our life path with his blessings in the form of Buddhi and Siddhi.

Track Listing:

  • Siddhi Buddhi Vinayak Arghya Mantra
  • Shri Santan Ganpati Stotram
  • Shri Rishi Pranito Ganpatistavaha
  • Shri Ganesh Pancharatnastotram
  • Ganesh Gayatri
  • Chants 21 times Siddhi Vinayak Mantra
  • Dhun Shri Gajanan Jai Gajanana
  • Shri Ganesh Manas Puja
  • Bhav Aarti
  • Shendoor lal Chadhayo

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $2.75

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