Durga Audio Titles

Sri Durga Chaalisa

According to Hinduism Goddess Durga is perceived as a universal mother to her innumerable devotees and is considered an epitome of motherhood. The word 'Durga' itself means invincible and She is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva and His consort Goddess Parvati. Goddess Durga is revered in many ways and there are numerous forms of prayers devoted to Her but 'Durga Chalisa' is considered to be the most sublime and quintessential prayer in Her praise.

'Chalisa' in essence means a set of 40 verses that are sung or read all together in a classical rendition of traditional mantras and chants in the most authentic and original manner. 'Durga Chalisa' is thus certainly the most complete form of meditation and worship in praise of Goddess Durga. This wonderful album also contains the durga aarti, gangaji ki aarti & kaliji ki aarti besides the 'Durga Chalisa' in the soothing voice of vandana vajpayi. This devotional masterpiece is truly a must buy for all specially for the devotees of Mother Durga.

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