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Mahashakti Durga

It is said that with the blessings of Mahashakti Durga one can obtain good health, prosperity, peace, strength, family happiness and victory over all the obstacles in one's life. When faced with most agonizing turmoil in one's life and one has to confront with bizarre and hostile circumstances and there is little likelihood of a reprieve from any quarter then one is magnetized toward the mystical and healing power of Mahashakti Durga wherein one is protected by the all-powerful Mother. Ultimately a child has to come to the aid of his mother when he needs security and welfare.

The magical confluence of numerous mantras, shlokas (vedic psalms) based on ancient traditions, rituals and scientific studies merged with enchanted music have been aptly captured in this exceptional album.

Musical compositions based on Indian classical ragas like Madhuvanti, Basant, Malkansa, Durga and several others have profound entwined relationship with numerous Yoga Chakras situated in various parts of the human body and finally with the Healing Sounds of Shri Mahashakti Durga. Listening to this enthralling devotional album gives immense benefit spiritually for daily meditation, worship and especially during the pious nine days of Navratri is extremely auspicious.

Truly this album is a must buy for this season.

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